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Automatic Driving Lessons North West London

Before you begin driving lessons, consider whether you’d prefer to learn in a manual or automatic vehicle. Manual transmission is not for everyone. Many people actually prefer driving in an automatic vehicle. If you have a disability that prevents you from safely changing gears, an automatic could be the way to go.

If you’re learning to drive in a congested urban area, automatic transmission may be more convenient. Because of the stop-go nature of driving in congested areas, you’d otherwise be constantly changing gears.
Learning to drive in an automatic is easier in some ways, and you may end up taking fewer lessons and receiving your licence sooner. However, you will only be qualified to drive an automatic if you pass your test in one.

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Do You offer driving lessons near me?

We offer driving lessons in the following areas:

Eastcote, Harefield, Hatch End, Headstone, Ickenham, Moor Park, North Harrow, Northwood, Northwood Hills, Pinner, Rayners Lane, Rickmansworth, Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, South Oxhey and South Ruislip.
If you are just outside these areas, please call us, as we may be able to accommodate you depending on location.

How many lessons does it usually take to pass a driving test?

Most students pass after 20 to 30 hours with Love 2 Pass.

Will you pick me up for my driving lesson?

Yes, we will pick you up if you are within the areas listed above.

If you are just outside these areas, please call us, as we may be able to accommodate you depending on location.

How do I get my provisional driving licence?

Get your first provisional driving licence for a car, motorbike, moped or other vehicle from the DVLA online. To apply you must:

It costs £34 to apply online. You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Delta debit or credit card.

You’ll need:

an identity document, such as your passport;
addresses where you’ve lived for up to the last 3 years.
You might be asked for additional information, such as your National Insurance number, if you know it.

You’ll get a confirmation email from DVLA after you’ve applied.

Your licence should arrive within one week if you apply online. It may take longer if the DVLA needs to make additional checks.

You can Apply Here

This information was correct as of February 2023; the cost and rules may change after this date.

Can I have a driving lesson before I pass my theory test?

Yes, you do not need to have passed your theory test in order to start driving lessons. All you need is your provisional licence.

Should I have manual or automatic driving lessons?

Keep in mind that if you learn to drive in an automatic vehicle, you will only be able to drive automatic cars in the future. However, if you learn to drive in a manual car, you can pick whether you want to drive a manual or automatic vehicle after passing your test. A manual licence covers both manual and automatic vehicles, whereas an automated licence exclusively covers automatic vehicles.

When deciding between manual and automatic driving instruction, there are several factors to consider:

It takes longer to master driving a manual car. If you're learning to drive a manual vehicle, there are more skills to master, such as clutch control and shifting gears; these are not features of an automatic vehicle, thus there are fewer skills to learn.

In general, it is less expensive to insure a manual car, as the majority of automatic equivalents fall into a higher risk category.

Learning to drive in an automatic vehicle may reduce the number of driving lessons required to pass the driving test.

If you've been struggling with learning to drive a manual car, switching to an automatic car could make a difference in whether you pass your test or not.

A driver with a disability may require an automatic transmission out of necessity.

In a few years, it is expected that the majority of cars will have automatic transmission, as many hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles are automatic.

If you are still uncertain, call us to discuss the pros and cons of manual and automatic lessons.

How many driving lessons a week should I take?

The continuity of driving lessons is vital. The more frequently you drive, the better. You will progress faster the more lesson time you have. It is recommended that you book a minimum of one 2-hour lesson per week when you start learning to drive.

Can I learn to drive with a female driving instructor through Love 2 Pass?

Yes, we will make every effort to accommodate those who specifically request a female driving instructor. We understand that some people prefer to take lessons from women.

Is an Intensive driving course right for me?

If you are unsure how much training you need, your Love 2 Pass driving instructor should be able to provide you with an assessment to determine which course is best for you. Taking an intensive course could be less expensive. Many people choose an intensive driving course because the cost of weekly driving lessons and taking a test can be expensive. Your course instructor will teach you the necessary skills and knowledge to pass your practical driving test. The test, however, will be administered by an official DVSA examiner who will review your performance on the day.